Electronic wiz and data viz

Devise a clever way to use the Raspberry Pi to control an electronic appliance. From there, use data visualization to tell a story on what your electronic device does and how your control of the device has improved it.



Solution Judge Criteria:

  • Quality of the Presentation
  • Quality of the Prototype
  • Quality of Code and Design
  • Creativity and Originality
  • Potential Social Impact
  • Business Opportunity
  • Group Dynamics

Feel the music

Go to a concert with a deaf person and allow a person to see and feel the music on his phone.
- For example, use microphone – convert to images or colors or shapes – and turn on vibration (if a phone) for certain beats or frequencies of the music – let them feel the music (beyond just the base tones). 
- (Use Phone IDEs for PCs/MACs – or just code for a browser – or just code for PC)

Use camera to grab hand motions to do certain commands – on PC or on a phone

– Mute a microphone when you are on Skype or conference call with a right to left wave of hand.

Command the Camera